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Stovetop Cafe

944 Fulton St. E
Grand Rapids, MI

Everyday, 7am - 6pm

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At Stovetop, we work hard to find really tasty coffees.

Once they're delivered, our team goes to work on roasting the coffee to what we feel is its best potential, with the guiding principles of sweetness and a pleasing experience.

The short answer is no, we do not have dark roasts, but instead, we have what we feel are coffees roasted to the best versions of their selves, rather than coffees roasted to a specific color.

No, we don't partake in the Fair Trade USA system, but let us explain!

The second step is buying based on price. Fair Trade Certified and Fair Trade Organic Coffees have a price minimum of $1.40/lb and $1.70/lb roughly at the time of this writing, which for many farmers is an upgrade!

However, because we are seeking premium products, we budget to pay between $2.50/lb and $6.00/lb for most of our offerings. This means that ensuring a minimum price below our quality-driven price is not valuable to many of the producers we work with.

The Fair Trade certification requires paying a fee every year to participate in the program, and the folks we work with (and us) don't often get value from paying that fee, so we just choose to opt-out. Check out the description of your favorite coffee so see what ways it is supporting the coffee-producing community!

Great question! Coffee grows in the Tropics, which means that there are only certain countries that can produce coffee, but that gives us a lot of options!

We get excited about the diversity and unique styles of each coffee-producing country and region, but we can't carry them all so instead we focus on a few core countries and then have special offerings from some others. Those core countries include Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia but we also seasonally carry coffee from Kenya, Rwanda, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, and wherever else strikes our fancy!

We sure don't like to think so! At Stovetop we seek to build community and share "Specialty Coffee" with folks who maybe haven't tried it before.

We want to remove barriers to entry for folks who want to taste really good and exciting coffees. We strive to make coffees that don't NEED cream and sugar, but if you want cream and sugar, let us pour it for you!

Tried a few of our coffees and just can't find one you like? Send us an email at and let us know!