The Gathering Coffee Co - 2lb Community Development Blend

We love what we do, but we couldn’t do it without our supporters; without you.

Our partners are what keep us doing what we love to do; share coffee and make friends.  But, our friends are in need.  While the global pandemic continues, service businesses are among those feeling the pain.  Unfortunately, shipping a cup of coffee in the mail just doesn’t work!  Instead we've dreamed up another way to share the love!

We've created a blend that is easy drinking, full bodied, and rife of the staples you usually get with Stovetop coffee.  Sold only as 2lb bags, this approachable blend was created with community and sharing in mind.  Best of all, 25% of the proceeds from each bag sold will directly support our partner.

The Gathering is a community art space and coffee shop, located in Detroit's North End Neighborhood.  Standing with the belief that together, we are capable of more than we ever could do alone; they exist with the mission to create and promote unity within the local community; and city, using art and storytelling as key components to what brings us all together, and to provide a platform for voices to be heard.  Here's the Gatherings message to the community:

Our dear friends and community, there are still consistencies and testimonies of goodness to that which surrounds you amidst the disarray and chaos of daily life.

The sun still rises, the moon sets, the stars sing, the trees bloom.

Hold fast to these and may they remind you that you are not alone, we are walking together.

The Gathering Team

Buy a bag for yourself and another to anonymously drop on your coffee loving neighbor's doorstep.  Please be sure to monitor to get the latest about the upcoming cafe launch.

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