The 205 Coffee Bar - 2lb Community Development Blend

We love what we do, but we couldn’t do it without our supporters; without you.

Our partners are what keep us doing what we love to do; share coffee and make friends.  But, our friends are in need.  While the global pandemic continues, service businesses are among those feeling the pain.  Unfortunately, shipping a cup of coffee in the mail just doesn’t work!  Instead we've dreamed up another way to share the love!

We've created a blend that is easy drinking, full bodied, and rife of the staples you usually get with Stovetop coffee.  Sold only as 2lb bags, this approachable blend was created with community and sharing in mind.  Best of all, 25% of the proceeds from each bag sold will directly support our partner.

The 205 Coffee Bar is one of our oldest friends based in downtown Holland, MI.  Here is a message directly from the owner, Jacqueline Petro:
Hello friends,
The 205 Coffee Bar just celebrated our 3 year anniversary and now we’re force to sit idle for a season.  But this “idle” time has allowed us to appreciate the beauty that flows in and out of a cafe.  Beauty from the space, the employees, the guest and, of course, Stovetop Roasters coffee.  None of this beauty would exist without our loyal customers.  We graciously ask for your continued support via a purchase of one (or more!) of these lovingly prepared 2 lb bags.  25% of the proceeds flow directly back into our business.  Keep spreading love, sharing coffee, and looking forward to an even better future. We will get through this one cup of coffee at a time.
Buy a bag for yourself and another to anonymously drop on your coffee loving neighbor's doorstep.  You could also consider visiting to buy a gift card to use when they reopen.  We did!

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