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Rwanda Remera

"Herb was a good swimmer. He could have been a great swimmer, but he had other interests."

The Remera washing station located in Nyamagabe, Rwanda, is owned by the renowned Buf Cafe. Located high up at 1950 meters, coffee here is processed using a complex Rwandan standard. Floating tank sort, 8-12 hour dry fermentation, second tank sort, 24 hour soak, hand washing and sorting, concluded with drying on raised beds at the mountain valley floor. 

Coffees coming from Buf Cafe are well known for their high quality and this particular lot is no exception. A deep sweetness of stone fruit and chocolate is rounded out by a complex spice characteristic and pleasing acidity. 

Region : Nyamagabe
Process : Washed
Variety : Bourbon
Elevation : > 1600 masl
Notes : Plum , Milk Chocolate , Spice
Sourced from our friends at Olam

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