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Kenya Gichathaini AA

"Party like lizard / Smooth , strong , fragile, & knowing / Dance into the night."

The Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society in the Nyeri region of Kenya is made up of three washing stations, one of which is the Gichathaini wet mill. Once coffee is picked ripe from local farms, it is delivered to the mill and depulped. After a wet fermentation process using local Ragati River water to break down sugars, the coffee is washed using that same re-circulated water for conservation purposes. 

Our very first offering from Stovetop was a Kenyan coffee, and we couldn't be more excited to present this outstanding new offering to you. AA is a grade designation given only to the highest of quality coming out of this country based on size, shape, and density of the beans. We promise this coffee will not disappoint.

Region : Nyeri
Process : Washed
Variety : Ruiru 11 , SL 28 , SL 34
Elevation : > 1600 masl
Notes : Plum , Grapefruit , Peach
Sourced from our friends at Olam

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