Ethiopia Egu Abaye

“Norris smiles softly."

Region: Guji

Process: Natural

Variety: Heirloom Varieties

Elevation: 2,200 masl                                       

Notes: Melon, Strawberry, Cherry

Imported from our friends at Nordic Approach

Incredibly complex, sweet, and glistening with fresh fruits and berries, this Heirloom coffee from Israel Degfa gladdens the palette. Every day, hundreds of farmers bring their coffee cherries to Egu Abaye, Israel’s privately owned, communal wet mill in southern Ethiopia. First, the cherries are hand sorted for ripeness, ensuring optimal sweetness and a clean mouthfeel. Then, for uniformity’s sake, they’re sorted through a water flotation tank and, finally, laid out to dry on raised African beds. The result of this precise processing technique is a memorable, heartening coffee that might just earn a place within your daily routine.

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