El Salvador La Reforma

"Tilly's life mantra: there's beauty in each phase of the process."

Region : Apaneca Ilamatepec
Process : Controlled fermentation with Lalcafe™ Yeast
Variety : Bourbon
Elevation : 1350-1400 masl
Notes : Grapefruit , Hibiscus , Nectarine
Directly Sourced.  Stovetop EXCLUSIVE!

Fermentation plays a major role in coffee production. It’s the microbial reaction of yeast breaking down sugars, and it allows for a coffee to show its true character. With innovative fermentation techniques and meticulous attention to detail, El Borbollon mill has prepared this lot exclusively for Stovetop. Ripe Bourbon cherries from La Reforma farm are floated, depulped, and fermented underwater with a carefully selected LalCafe ™ yeast strain to enhance complexity and acidity. The coffee is then washed and dried on raised beds to maximize flavor and shelf life. With much excitement, we bring you this brilliant El Salvadoran coffee with crisp acidity and very agreeable flavors of fresh-picked stone fruits.

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