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Costa Rica La Cuesta

"Kind squirrel sips from her favorite mug, on her favorite mushroom, in her favorite socks."

Honey processing a coffee is done by removing the outer skin, or pulp, of a coffee cherry but leaving some of the mucilage (sometimes referred to as honey) intact during the drying stage. Colors are used to identify how much of the mucilage is left, black referring to the largest amount. There is a bit more fermentation that occurs in this process, thus imparting the coffee with some exciting flavors. 

This Costa Rican tastes like a raspberry shortcake in a cup, wonderful chocolate notes complimented with a raspberry-like acidity. Squirrels have been known to store some for the winter. 

Region : Palmichal
Process : Black Honey
Variety : Catuai, Caturra
Elevation : 1700 masl
Notes : Shortbread , Raspberry , Chocolate
Sourced from our friends at Nordic Approach

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