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Colombia Timana

"Her mysterious allure is breathtaking."

Rich with a diversity of micro-climates Timaná is snuggled between the two main branches of the Colombian Andes. Each coffee produced here is distinct, and the crop that we got from our friends at Olam Coffee Importers has been satisfyingly delicious. Timaná has done well for us as both hot and iced coffee, which has been perfect for the warm weather -- rich with flavors of dark chocolate, crisp apple, and ripe berries our newest iteration of Llama Bae is certainly a coffee meant to please both casual drinkers and coffee nerds alike.

Region : Timaná , Huila
Process : Washed
Variety : Caturra , Colombian
Elevation : > 1600 masl
Notes : Dark Chocolate , Apple , Berry
Sourced from our friends at Olam

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