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Brazil Fazenda Recreio

"King Louis likes to sleep in real late and eat lots of meatballs. In that order."

This coffee is a Stovetop staple in all of our blends, but we believe it should be showcased on its own to show that coffees from Brazil can be extremely unique and exciting. Fazenda Recreio is a farm run by Diogo Machaeo, who has had coffees succeeding in the Brazil Cup of Excellence many times. The farm takes up 605 hectares of land, also specializing in cattle, eucalyptus, and citrus production. 

In the cup, this is not your typical Brazilian coffee. Fruit and floral notes pop out immediately, followed by a nice chocolate aftertaste. We love this coffee both as drip and espresso, and hope you do as well.

Region : São Sebastião da Grama
Process : Pulped Natural
Variety : Yellow Bourbon
Elevation : 1100-1350 masl
Notes : Rosehips , Strawberry , Maple

Sourced from our friends at Cafe Imports. 

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