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Ethiopia Kochere

"This swaddled hound enjoys the warmth of Grandpa Lyle's mustard afghan."

This is one of the first coffees we bought as Stovetop was getting started, and it just keeps getting better and better. Kochere is a district, or woreda, within the Gedeo Zone of Ethiopia. This particular lot is grown and picked in the village of Kore, where it is depulped and washed using spring water. 

It's hard to not love the cup characteristics of Ethiopian coffee. This is a Stovetop favorite, with a sweet blackberry acidity and sharp ginger bite. We hope to continue buying coffee from this region every year, it's that good. 

Region : Gedeo Zone
Process : Washed
Variety : Mixed Heirloom
Elevation : 1900 - 2500 masl
Notes : Blackberry , Plum , Ginger
Sourced from our friends at Cafe Imports

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