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Coffee begins its life as the pit of a cherry. These cherries are then picked at the peak of ripeness, and brought to a processing facility. The goal of a producer is to remove the outer layers of the cherry, as well as dry the bean to the proper moisture content. How they decide to do this is referred to as the processing method of the coffee (natural, washed, pulped, honey, etc.)  After processing, the beans are packaged in burlap, sent through customs, and shipped.


Why is it important to understand all of this? As a coffee roaster, we are simply another step in a large process. There is so much effort that goes into harvesting, sorting, processing, packaging and importing our coffees. It is our mission to honor the hard work of those before us by doing our part beautifully. We do not roast our coffees to specific “levels” but instead we try our best to only bring out the intrinsic flavor inside the bean and not introduce our own.


We love talking about our roasting philosophies, so feel free to contact us and begin a conversation!


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