Brazil Alfeu

"King Louis likes to sleep in real late and eat lots of meatballs. In that order."


From the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil, Alfeu is one of many experimental microlots from Barbosa Coffee farms; a muli-generation farm currently owned by Danilo Barbosa.

This is the coffee Sam is using the 2019 United States Barista Championship.  The story of how and why we purchased this coffee is humbling and exciting for us. 

To read more about this coffees story, see our most recent  blog post and watch this blurb featuring Sam and Sander!

Brazil Alfeu, Relationship Coffee: Stovetop Roasters x Danilo Barbosa Coffee from Jared DeMeester on Vimeo.


Region : Cerrado Mineiro
Process : Controlled Fermentation, Natural Drying
Variety : Red Catuai
Elevation : 1150 masl
Notes : Watermelon, Cherry, Chocolate

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