Cupid and Friends 3 Pack

This is a 3 Pack of 10oz bags including Cupid Blend, Swaddled Hound, and Norris. 

Why are these 3 coffees such good friends, you ask?  The Cupid blend is actually a 50/50 blend of the coffees used in Swaddled Hound and Norris.  However, there is a slight twist in this relationship.  While Swaddled Hound and Norris have a lighter roast, the components have been developed further to create Cupid which is Stovetop's most developed roast yet.

The Swaddled Hound, a Stovetop favorite, is composed of an extremely fine washed Ethiopia from the Worka Chelbessa washing station, in the region of Gebed, Yirgacheffe.  The Norris is a naturally processed Ethiopia from Sakicha which is a community in Kercha, Ethiopia.

This special coffee bundle would make an incredible gift for your special someone who considers themselves a "coffee adventurer".  Someone who loves the challenge of dialing in a wide range of coffees and is curious to discover how these two different, but related, coffees can be combined into a completely new experience.

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