Brazil Moinho

"King Louis likes to sleep in real late and eat lots of meatballs. In that order."

Region : Mantiqueira de Minas

Process : Pulped Natural

Variety : Yellow Bourbon, Acaia

Elevation: 1100-1525 masl

Notes : Almond, Citrus, Caramel

Sourced from our friends at Atlantic Specialty 

This fun and beautifully processed coffee comes from Fazenda Moinho - a farm owned and ran by Robson Velila Martins who is known for producing excellent coffee in Brazil. Robson offers some of the greatest working conditions in the area, by employing a small and specialized team, who give a lot of care to detail. He also owns Alta Vista Farm, which many recognize for its award winning coffee.  We look forward to share this mellow yet fruit-filled coffee with you!


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