Why We Are Excited About Our New Brazil Alfeu

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 This coffee comes from Lot 840 from a plot of land called “Alfeu”, meaning “Resourceful and Changing”. The Alfeu Lot produces the highest scoring coffees on the Cachoeira Farm. A farm that takes its name from the waterfall located nearby.

This coffee is 100% red catuai, grown at 1150 meters, it is naturally processed, through an intentionally slow and controlled fermentation method.

Danilo Barbosa inherited this commodity coffee business and began researching specialty coffee and business practices to make his family owned company sustainable.

They began doing experiments with the harvesting, picking, and processing to explore how amazing the coffee could be. Many of these experiments failed, and many of them were largely successful.

Each year they have been able to improve and develop on their lots to grow better coffee and sell more and more of it to direct trade customers. They now have over 250 experimental micro lots, which are the forefront of their research and coffee quality.

These experiments have paved the way for not only outstanding coffee, and higher prices, but coffee that is above and outside the stereotype of what much of Brazilian coffee can be.

2018 is the first year they have began building direct trade relationships with US roasters and we are honored to be a customer in this initial year.

By pursuing these direct trade relationships, they are able to receive at least double to triple the price they were receiving from the commodity market. This profit increase can allow them to continue producing coffee, and live sustainably.

Stovetop team member, Sam Schaefer, is honored to represent this farm using this coffee in the United States Barista Competition.

As a background, The United States Barista Competition is a gathering of the nation's best baristas that perform espresso-based service routines. Most of the top competitors are bringing the highest quality and priced coffees in the world.  Coffees that would cost between 10-15 dollars per cup in a cafe.

Brazilian coffee is infrequently seen on this stage, in comparison to more exquisite coffee varieties and producing countries, due to many industry biases about the potential of Brazilian coffee quality.

This competition is often seen as an opportunity to share great coffee, ideas, and inspire growth and change. Sam felt like this family business deserves the spotlight due to the hard work and investment they have made into their coffee. Barista Competitions can often be a platform encouraging the industry to take action on issues and Sam believes in giving this Danilo Barbosa coffee that platform. He sees it as an opportunity to uproot the perception and bias much of our industry has against Brazilian coffee.

There is a tremendous gap between the generic, conventionally processed, commodity priced coffee, and the incredibly detailed and carefully grown innovations of specialty coffee we see breaking records for quality and price.  Our hope is by considering this coffee, you are helping bridge the gap and elevate the bottom line of coffee quality in our world.

Find this coffee on our website, in our cafe, and through our wholesalers. Stay tuned for updates on our instagram for Sam's competition schedule.


Stovetop Team

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