Why Buy Rwandan Coffee

Posted by Jared DeMeester on

Rwandan coffee carries beautiful botanical flavors that are unique to the country. We chose to bring this coffee into the Stovetop lineup for its deep, stone fruit sweetness and compelling spice characteristics. We taste dried apricot, plum, peach, cinnamon, and allspice in the cup.

But our passion for this coffee goes beyond the cup quality. Rwandan coffee is a vital export for a country that has suffered through decades of turbulence and upheaval. As in so many coffee producing countries, regular work and income can be difficult to come by in Rwanda, particularly in areas that lack industrial infrastructure. As the top agricultural product in Rwanda today, specialty coffee provides employment for thousands of workers otherwise displaced by years of war and governmental struggle.

Nearly all of the people who pick and carry the coffee from the farm to the processing stations were born after the 1994 genocide. When you buy Rwandan coffees you’re supporting a new generation of Rwandans striving for unity, equality, and a more socially and economically sustainable future for themselves and for future generations.

Rwanda’s growing conditions produce extraordinary coffee, but that isn’t our principal motivation for buying these beans. We roast Rwandan coffee because we want to participate in a good thing, supporting a country of profound beauty and resilience. Specialty coffee has been a supportive presence in a hurting place, and it’s a joy for us to be a part of that. 

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