We are home from Seattle

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Hello, friends!

We're back with some exciting updates from our journey to Seattle. Stovetop's Mike Greene and Sam Schaefer competed in the US Barista Competition, and they performed beautifully. In a 15-minute routine, they served judges espressos, milk beverages, and a signature drink (Mike invented a spin on an amaro liqueur; Sam made an espresso-based sangria). 24 people competed on the first day, and only six advanced. Mike was among those six. Overall, Mikey placed 10th and Sammy placed 23rd. (That means they're the 10th/23rd most capable/charming baristas in the nation.) We couldn't be more proud of our people. 

Here's Sam serving his milk beverage. Sam competed with Party Lizard, our Kenya Gichathaini. He highlighted the farm's commitment to excellence: producing top-quality beans and providing high wages for its staff. Sam's words reinforced what we as a company work to achieve—to be pacesetters, doing what we do for the betterment of those around us.

And we were selected as one of the top packaging designers in the industry! 
Thank you for your support.

Peace and love,

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